Trevor Mac

Trevor S40 Contestant


Trevor S22 contestant

Contestant Profile
Birth Date November 26
Hometown Ontario, Canada Canadian Flag
Occupation Spy
Pronouns He/Him
Seasons Competed 3
Total Number of Days 79
Hosting Profile


Blog Survivor Bhutan
Tag howitsgonnawork


Blog Survivor Myanmar
Tag mustlearntoadapt


Blog Survivor Hosts
Tag torchsnuffers
Player Profile

'Port Royal'

Tribe(s) Florizel


Placement 7/18
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 36

'Riau Islands'

Tribe(s) Bintan
Placement 15/22
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 23


Tribe(s) Pakari
► Māpū
Kore Uki
Placement 10/18
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 20

Trevor Mac is a contestant from Tumblr Survivor: Port Royal, Tumblr Survivor: Riau Islands & Tumblr Survivor: Generations.

Trevor is the host of Tumblr Survivor: Bhutan, Tumblr Survivor: Myanmar, and Tumblr Survivor: Hosts.

Trevor acted as 'Community Manager' from S43-S63.

Tumblr Survivor: Port Royal


Age: 24
Hobbies: Car Racing, Horse back riding
Pet peeves: People who say your instead of you're
3 words to describe you: Humorous, Caring, Quirky
1 thing not many people know: I've seen every episode of Sex and the City :P
3 things I would bring: Hair gel, a Pillow, Journal
Favourite season: Heroes v.s. Villains because it kept me the most entertained and had a lot of my favourite players.
Survivor I am most like: Jeff Varner for his witty attitude
Reason for playing: To try something new

When Trevor started on Port Royal it was his first time ever playing an ORG. Not exactly sure what he was getting himself in to, he decided to make an alliance Day 1 with the one person that he was sure knew how to play this game, Adam.

With his number one ally set, Trevor tried to make connections with all of his other Florizel tribe mates on Night 1 by starting up a conversation with each one of them. With the help of Adam, Trevor had a solid 3 person alliance by Day 2 consisting of himself, Adam, and Allison, otherwise known as ‘The Sneaky Three’. Will and Brandon were brought in to the alliance to get a majority on the tribe.

Florizel was not off to a good start after losing the first immunity challenge. The majority alliance then had to make a decision on whether to vote off Christine or Zoe. In the end it was decided that Christine would be voted off first and then if Florizel lost again Zoe would be the next to go. This ultimately ended up being a bad choice as Zoe mutinied to Caguaya the next day and would later go on to be a contributing factor in Trevor’s downfall.

After losing the second immunity challenge, the group consensus was to vote off Maia who seemed to be the most inactive tribe member.

As he continually tried to build friendships in the game, Trevor befriended Will. Will trusted him enough to share his clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol with him. It didn’t take long for Trevor to find the idol and agreed that he would give it to Will if he ever needed it since he helped Trevor find it. With Trevor winning individual immunity this round he may have become a little over confident. Wanting to try and change the course of the game, Trevor and Allison came up with a plan to take out Adam. The plan was set in to action but with Brandon not submitting for the immunity challenge, and also being MIA the last couple of days, they could not risk keeping him and losing any more challenges should Brandon not submit. Trevor’s plans to make a big move had to wait as the group decided to go with the easy option and vote out Brandon.

On Day 13, a school yard pick done by tribe captains Adam and Nick H determined new tribes. Trevor was lucky enough to remain at Florizel with both Allison and Adam but lost Will to Caguaya. After Trevor and Adam lead Florizel to their first immunity win in a Survivor version of Jeopardy, Trevor was worried that Will might be in trouble at Caguaya so he decided to transfer his Hidden Immunity Idol to Will in case he needed it. It turned out that Will did not end up needing to use the idol and he gave it back to Trevor after the next challenge when Florizel lost yet again.

With an impending merge, Trevor and Allison once again thought this might be a good time to take out a big threat in Adam. Trevor reached out to Bailey for her help in pulling off this blindside. Once Bailey was on board, Trevor filled Zoe in on the plan which she immediately “accidently” leaked into the tribe chat. With the possibility that both Wes and Chrissa had seen what Zoe said, the plan was ruined. Still wanting to take out a big player, Trevor and Allison went back to Adam to try and spin the vote on Wes. Adam insisted that voting out Wes would be a huge mistake as he was sure Wes would work with them come merge. The one person The Sneaky Three were able to agree on to vote out was Bailey. This was pulled off with a 3-2-2 vote with Zoe and Chrissa each getting two votes.

The tribes finally merged on Day 19. Will told Trevor that he trusted Rachel and Lydia the most but that Rachel was the one running the show and she needs to be taken out sooner rather than later.

By the time Day 36 came around, Trevor was the last remaining Florizel member. His idol was gone. His silver coin (vote canceller) was gone. His last chance at remaining in the game was to pretend he had a 2nd idol (the Caguaya one which was never found) and tried to use that to sway some votes off of him. In the end this only made the other 6 remaining players a little worried but they saw right through it and voted Trevor out of the game.

At Final Tribal Council, Trevor decided to vote for Wes to win the title of Sole Survivor.

Voting History

Trevor Mac's Voting History
Episode Trevor Mac's
Voted Against
Trevor Mac
1 Christine -
2 Maia -
3 Brandon Individual Immunity
4 Florizel Tribe Immune
5 Bailey -
6 Zoe -
7 Rachel -
8 Zoe -
9 Zoe -
10 Zoe Nick H.
11 Stef Lydia, Nick H, Stef,
Steven, Wes, Zoe
Voted Off, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Tumblr Survivor: Riau Islands


Age: 24
Hobbies:  Sleeping.
Pet peeves:  Dan Foley.
3 words to describe you:  Loyal, Outgoing, Quirky
1 thing not many people know: Trevor is not my first name.
3 things I would bring:  Dune Buggy, hair gel (of course), and Nicki Minaj.
Favourite season: Heroes vs. Villains because the cast is amazing.
Survivor I am most like: Corinne because I am not afraid to say what's on my mind.
Reason for playing: To make up for all of the mistakes I made in Port Royal.    

Trevor signed up for Riau Islands with the main goal of learning from his mistake of playing too hard in Port Royal. When the cast was announced revealing the tribes were split Men vs Women, Trevor knew things would be a lot more difficult for him as his good friend Lydia was on the other tribe.

Out of the 10 other players on the Bintan tribe, Trevor only knew two of them: Pat and Teddy. This became Trevor’s main alliance but it quickly came to a shocking halt when Pat was voted out the first time Bintan went to Tribal Council. Worried about his future in the game, Trevor solidified his bonds with Tyler and Daniel to make sure he wouldn’t be one of the next to go.

Trevor was able to survive until the tribe swap at which point he was teamed up with all of the people he trusted most in the game: Lydia, Tyler, Teddy, Daniel, Erin, and Sami. Fran was also on the tribe but he was irrelevant which made him an easy boot when the new Bintan tribe lost their first immunity challenge. After the new Bintan lost their second immunity challenge, and Daniel was stolen by the Karimun tribe as part of a reward, Trevor started plotting against the person he trusted the least: Erin. Trevor was not worried at all going in to this vote because he had 100% trust in his other tribe members. They always say never get too comfortable which is evident in this situation as Trevor was blindsided 4-2 with Tyler being the only one who stuck by his side.

After being voted out, Trevor was sent to the secret Redemption Island but was removed from the game shortly after for still unknown reasons.

Voting History

Trevor Mac's Voting History
Episode Trevor Mac's
Voted Against
Trevor Mac
1 Bintan Tribe Immune
2 Fran -
3 Bintan Tribe Immune
4 Owen -
5 Connor -
6 Fran -
7 Bintan Tribe Immune
8 Erin Erin, Lydia,
Sami, Teddy
Voted Off, Day 22

Tumblr Survivor: Generations

Voting History

Trevor Mac's Voting History
Episode Trevor Mac's
Voted Against
Trevor Mac
1 Bernel Bernel
2 Pakari Tribe Immune
3 Monty -
4 Māpū Tribe Immune
5 Māpū Tribe Immune
6 Māpū Tribe Immune
7 Māpū Tribe Immune
8 Brian Austin, Jeremy, Jules,
MJ, Shareef
Voted Off, Day 20
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Trevor was the Runner-Up for the Fan Favorite Award for Port Royal
  • Also known as "Trevgod" for some reason...